Higher State of Mind (Digital Edition)

by The Irresistible Force



Digital Edition Exclusively for Bandcamp!!!

12インチは即完売!19年ぶりのアルバム”Kira Kira”をリリースするイギリス・チルアウト界の巨匠=The Irresistible Force a.k.a. Mixmaster Morrisの音源が、Bandcamp限定のデジタル配信で再登場!!!
このEPは、以前Mixmaster Morrisが来日した際にYOGURT & KOYASと寝食を共にしながら制作され、YOGURT & KOYAS, Tetsu(Blasthead)の日本人アーティストによるリミックスを収録。
YOGURT & KOYASのリミックスは、オリジナルのサイケデリックでスモーキーな雰囲気を残しつつも、日本を代表するジャムバンドDachamboのベーシスト=Eijiがゲスト参加し、グルーブ感を増しながらも夏の終わりを感じさせるような儚さを加えた楽曲へと昇華させている。
Blast HeadのTetsuによるリミックスは、オリジナルに忠実な前半部から段々とTetsuの生演奏が加わり、後半では夏に相応しいバレアリックフィールドへと誘ってくれるだろう。
さらにMorrisの未完成曲にDachamboのEijiのベースとLove Me TenderのARATAによるギターを加えて完成させたトラック”Chiba1”を収録。Mixmaster Morrisの音世界に、Eijiの歌うようなベースラインと、ARATAの切ないギターが加わり、最後はYOGURT & KOYASが宇宙へとトバしていく日英コラボレーション楽曲になっている。

The Irresistible Force is a London based legendary chill out/balearic veteran DJ. When he had been to Japan in 2010, he made the track "Higher State of Mind" with YOGURT&KOYAS, a Tokyo based producer/dj team.
This EP contains remixes by Japanese artists, YOGURT&KOYAS and Tetsu from Blasthead. YOGURT&KOYAS's remix has psychedelic, balearic mood and a bass player, Eiji from Dachambo which is Japan's most crazy jam band, appears as guest player.
Tetsu's remix is balearic and good for summer season and he played some instruments for this remix.
This EP also contains unreleased track "Chiba1" which is unfinished when The Irresistible Force was in Japan, but after he left Japan YOGURT&KOYAS had finished with guest player, Eiji and ARATA who is Tokyo based guitarist.

Been a long while, this EP came out firstly released on 2015 with contract "Vinyl only in Japan only". Fortunately, this EP was sold out immediately. After vinyl is sold out, people still sends inquiries to us. So we got permission to sell digital on Bandcamp from him.
To release this EP, there are a lot of difficulties and we psymatics made a great effort for 5 years. We are happy if you enjoy this release.


released August 11, 2017


all rights reserved



psymatics Chiba, Japan

Psymatics is Tokyo based electronic music label. Our label is focused on releasing live performing artists.

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